Graffiti removal, Salford

We have recently been asked to complete some work on an area covered by graffiti. The work has been requested by a company called McGoff in the Salford area. The areas affected include walls and a large bridge. The client tells us that this is something which happens on a regular basis and so this could be a regular contract, attending once a month.

Graffiti vandalism is also a big concern for many public and private property owners. As well as public areas, we also remove graffiti from houses etc. In the past we have had a home owner get in touch with us to remove some offensive graffiti for their property. The lady was not allowed back in the area due to trouble she had with some of the other residents. Therefore, to make the progress as stress free as possible, we worked with our customer by sending over pictures through an email, so she did not have to visit the property herself and cause her self any unnecessary worry. The lady explained what she required and the address of where her property was. Once completed we then sent the lady pictures of the work and she was extremely happy that the work got done and she was not involved in any drama.

D H Cleaning graffiti removal, Salford, Northwest

The graffiti removal on the bridge and walls took around 2 days and 3 staff members. On some areas of the graffiti, the staff members had to apply a specific chemical in order to break down the paint. They then had to clean by hand to get the best results on that particular area.

Here at D H Steam Cleaning, we are big on health and safety and provide RAMS for each job.

We also have a safety data sheet for all chemicals and substances used.

At D H Steam Cleaning, our staff members are expertly trained to identify the correct removal technique and products required for each individual job. We work closely with our clients and site managers throughout the cleaning process. We like to keep our customers in the picture and provide progress reports on how the work is going. Once work is completed, our staff member will do a walk around with your site manager to check all work and to make sure you are happy. We ask that you only sign off the sheet once you’re 100% happy with the work.

We also like to send over photos to our clients during the progress and after for them to send on to their managers/directors so they can see what a big difference the clean has made. We also like to use their projects on our website so all future clients can really see the services we offer and the standard of cleaning we provide.

We work around the whole of the North West and no job is too big or too small!

Call us now on 0161 756 6666/0797 4438761 to arrange a free, no obligation quotation. You won’t regret it!

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