Graffiti removal on a school in Fallow Field

We have recently been asked to complete a graffiti removal job from a school for one of our existing clients, who we carry out a lot of graffiti removal for. Before that, we undertook some work from them to remove graffiti off a bridge and now off a school. We would say that the bridge was the most difficult!

The school was larger and the graffiti was positioned quite high up on the glass on the main frontage. It was also on painted areas on the building. Luckily we could gain access to the graffiti already, so no access platforms needed to be hired. However, for any future jobs, if we do need to do this it isn’t a problem.

Graffiti removal, Manchester, North West

Firstly, we applied a detergent specifically for glass using a sprayer. It is then left for 5 minutes to activate. Once done, it can either be wiped off or jet washed off.

There were also some areas of graffiti on the inside of the windows in the school.

This process would be the same. However, we would cordon off the area and do it at a quieter time or even when the school is closed. This is where our RAMS would come into place to minimise risk as much as possible.

As well as graffiti removal we can also cover the graffiti by painting it at a client’s request.

On this job, we did both. We can match the colour as best as we can which, on this occasion, was Terracotta. We will also advise the client that the colour may not match 100%.

The client requested that when we painted the areas, we did square and rectangle shapes in case the Terracotta wasn’t a 100% match.

D H Steam Cleaning services

We strive to meet our client’s requirement as much as possible.

We can arrange a site meeting at a convenient time with site managers and work closely with them to achieve the goals you want within the time frame you have.

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