High Pressure Steam Cleaning

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Steam Cleaning

With our steam cleaning in Manchester, we will bring your paths, driveways, pavements, car parks and public-access areas back to life. It’s these kinds of areas that give your visitors the first impression, and first impressions count!

What Does It Do?

High pressure steam cleaning when directed onto a surface to be cleaned is gentle yet effective in removing unwanted matter such as carbon, green mould, stubborn dirt’s, scale, graffiti and certain kinds of paints, from many types of materials. This system is unique in its efficiency and gentleness in cleaning as the substrates surface is left undamaged. We can safely say that there is no other method of cleaning which is as gentle as the high pressure steam system.

What Can It Be Applied To?

Our steam cleaning in Manchester can be applied to many services including:

Buildings, Walls, Pavements, Paths, Drives, Parking Areas, Steps, Decking, Car Parks, Shopping Centres, Fast Food Outlets, Delivery Areas, Loading Bays, Monuments, Statues, Headstones, Subways, Forecourts, Stone Cleaning, Brick & Block, Concrete, Cement, Block Paving, Slabs, Flagstones, Street Cleaning, Walkways, Fire Damage, Walkways, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Factories & Warehouses and Workshops

If our range of services does not include what you are looking for, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!