Chewing gum removal, Manchester

We recently sent our team to remove some chewing gum, which was situated on the path in front of our client’s restaurant doors. He had called us to tell us it was making the area look unsightly. The restaurant owner had found our details on our website.

He had already tried to remove the chewing gum himself. However, he told us it was taking far too long and just not coming off completely. That’s where D H Cleaning come in. We used the proven method of steam cleaning. Steam is extremely effective and will also get the job done quickly. Better still, there is no back breaking work, such as scraping or pulling, involved! Whilst removing the gum from the pavement, we also spruced up the whole area by steam cleaning the rest of the path. We took away any stains and also any moss that had built up between the flags.

Chewing gum removal, Manchester

Our client told us the restaurant was open to the public 12 o’clock for lunch, so we all came to the agreement that it was best if we commence at 6am in the morning. We will always endeavour to work at a time that suits you. Therefore no potential customers were off put by the cleaning and the area was mostly free as the general public walking passed.

We did not need the owner to be there at the time of the clean or to open the shop and we aim to cause as little inconvenience as possible.

We bring all of our own tools and equipment and have a 1000L water tank ready to go!

Once the clean was finished, we brushed away and removed any waste that had been made. On this occasion, it being old chewing gum. The client was so pleased that he asked for the D H Cleaning team to clean all of the car park at the back, as the flags were looking discoloured. We brought them back to the original cream stone colour, rather than the dirty grey/brown that they had become.

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