Car parks, walkways, builders and drives steam cleaning

Steam Cleaning, Manchester

Do you have a drive or parking area that needs a spruce up? Are your weeds coming though making your path look unsightly? From small to large buildings to drive ways, large car parks or walkways, we here at DH Cleaning can take on any steam cleaning project. You may have just recently bought new premises and need to get the front of the building looking new and fresh.

We use steam cleaning as our first choice of method as it is the safer option and is generally referred to as being the non abrasive cleaner. The work may be carried out from the ground floor only or 25ft in the air covering the 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor or higher.

D H Cleaning, North West

Through the use of our extended lances and the help of a cherry picker, no job is too big!

We have taken on many variations of job from the beginning straight through to final results we are proud of, so why not give us a try?





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